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Sava's Safe Haven

Oana Sava, the founder

"Sava's Safe Haven was my dream. I was never thinking that this dream will come true one day. And look at us! Nine years since I started to work on this dream and make it shine.

I fed daily the stray dogs from my city and I always tried to ofer them what I could. My house was never empty, just like my heart.

Together with my friends that supported me in rescue and feeding stray dogs, I started to think about this dream and thanks them this became true!

Was hard to build a shelter into country where people are indifferent to animal cruelty.

"Never give up" - was my motto that made me go and fight for this dream passing of obstacles. When the land was purchased I saw my dream catching wings.

In just a month since we signed documents for the land acquisition (5th November) we managed to set up few kennels to save homeless animals before harsh winter's come.

Together my family I treated those dogs as my own children.

They are enjoy of food , toys , safety and holidays.

Is nothing more beautiful than seeing their wagging tails."





Sava's Safe Haven shelter

A bit of our dogs..