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Sava's Safe Haven

Hope for animals in rural area

 Sava's Safe Haven is placed in a rural area from southen-east of Romania.

In Romanian villages most of the citizens keep their dogs tethered up on chains without proper food, shelter and medical care.

Every day we face with lack of veterinary care due various reasons such as lack of education, lack of compasion, lack of funds or most of common - lack of veterinary clinics in rural area.

Mostly of clinics from rural area are inexistent and the one that exist .. are focus on farm animals. People are needed to travel to city to get proper care for their pets.

And unfortunately only 10% people do that. We face daily with terrible case of illness to animals and people that are in desperate need of help.

As you already now, Sava's Safe Haven is one of the charities that try to reduce the number of street animals through neutering projects, but mostly in rural area.

Legally, the campanies of free spay/neutering must be made in authorised clinics. So in past we searched rural clinics and helped communities with veterinary care that their own vet was not doing such as surgeries/care for pets.

But what about the villages where we can't make campaign due lack of clinics? No one help them!

Mobile Clinic brings hope and veterinary care to animals..

Our plan is to set up the mobile clinic, equip it and start travel in the most "forgotten" villages.

We are just half of way.. we are raising funds to get our mobile clinic done, purchase equipment needed, get approval and start to bring hope to te rural area!

How to help us

If you would like to help us, we gratefully accept donations for this project or aid sent direct to our shelter ( Serbestii Noi 74, village Branistea, 807050, Galati, Romania) . Aid can be sent direct via Amazon Germany or Amazon UK or from local providers to avoid extra expensive postage.

Donations from charitable organisations or corporations will be considered sponsorships so we would love to express our gratitude by placing their logo on our mobile clinic.

Bank Account


COD IBAN : RO45INGB0000999904241038


PayPal Account

[email protected]


Double aluminum cage for transport

Available to donate via Amazon DE/ Amazon UK/ VidaXl

Necessary 3 double or 6 single

Table with stretcher for veterinary use

Available to donate via Amazon DE/ Amazon UK/ VidaXl