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Sava's Safe Haven

Sava's Safe Haven

We've loved every minute of our journey

A family-run shelter in Galati, Romania

Founded in 2012 by Oana and her family, Asociatia Sava's Safe Haven has brought essential care and safety to the stray and community animals of Galati, Romania. 

With only 4 volunteers and no employees, Sava's Safe Haven provides a home to over 250 animals. 

Our goals

In the years ahead, Sava's Safe Haven would like to continue to work within the local community, helping poor villages and animals living in terrible conditions. We are focusing on villages and communities and people with limited resources and opportunities where there are no veterinary clinics or doctors.


Housed in shelter

Right now Sava's Safe Haven is caring for over 250 animals in the shelter.

Mostly of them are promoted up for adoption but is also a very high number of animals that follows a rehabilitation and treatment programs due to behavior problems or health issues. 


Rehomed Animals

In the last nine years, Sava’s Safe Haven has rehomed more than 1500 pets in lovely homes from UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Holland, France, Finland and USA thanks to our wonderful volunteers and partners.


Free veterinary services

In the last nine years, we managed to offer free veterinary services to over 3000 animals, both homeless and owned. Mostly of them was spayed, treated for diseases, vaccinated, microchipped and registered in database. 

We are very grateful for any donation that will help us to continue our paramount work to rescue,care and rehome homeless animals.

When you adopt a shelter pet, you save 2 lives.

The one you adopt, and the one that takes it's place.

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” 

Sava's Safe Haven is an animal rescue association in Galati. In 2012 the Sava family began to build a safe refuge for animal’s welfare needs in a small village.